Marquesas Islands DXpedition 2014

IMPORTANT: Didier (F6BCW) operated using the TX7G callsign from Marquesas October 1 to 15, 2022. QSL requests for this operation must be made via F6BCW.

Jared (N7SMI), Grant (KZ1W), Keith (VE7KW), and Don (VE7DS) operated amateur radio DXpedition station TX7G in the Marquesas Islands (FO-M) October 18-26, 2014 - including during the CQ WW DX SSB contest. Our location was Hatiheu Village on the North shore of the island of Nuku Hiva. The team operated high power CW, SSB, and RTTY into antennas directly on the beach - 80-10 meters. Marquesas was #69 on the Club Log most wanted list (#41 for Europe) at the time.

The team completed the operation with 27,237 QSOs from 11,656 stations located in 133 DXCC entities on every continent (including Antarctica).

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QSL and Log Check

You can check the log and request a QSL card here. We do not need your QSL cards, so recommend using OQRS via Club Log.

Activating Marquesas requires significant expense. Donations of any amount are very welcome.

Recent News

October 31

The team is all now back home. We've uploaded photos to our photo gallery. Thank you all for your support of this DXpedition!

October 26

The operation is now complete! Total QSO count is over 27,000 with 2,300 QSOs in the contest. The complete log (including contest) has been uploaded to Club Log.

It was an interesting adventure with propagation conditions that ranged from phenomenal at times to total radio black out at others. Thank you all for the support of our DXpedition and for being there to answer our calls.

October 24

We've now surpassed 20000 QSOs. 10 and 12 meters have been phenomenal. Things have been a bit slow overnight. We'll be on 80 meter SSB and then 20 meter RTTY tonight. We've been trying hard to get EU, but terrain blocking long and low angles on short path and interesting propagation (strong polar aurora between us and EU) has made it difficult. When propagation is good, intentional QRM makes our rates very slow. We call for EU/AF very frequently, but few are listening. We called CQ for nearly 2 hours during the 15m EU opening last night with only a few EU (mostly very loud) on the other end. We'll continue to try for EU.

Please check Club Log to verify your QSOs. We're getting many dupes. I upload to Club Log each morning.

During the SSB contest, we'll have a CW station on most of the time and will be focusing on maximum SSB QSOs and opportunity whether that is on the contest bands or on the WARC bands.

October 21

Approaching 10000 QSOs just over 2 days into the operation. Hopefully have issues with 80 meters resolved. Very high noise on 10 meters makes going slow, but over 1000 phone QSOs on 10 meters today. Will be trying RTTY soon. We're having a blast!

October 19

We started on the air just after 00:00UTC today and after a slow start while getting systems and antennas configured, we're now working stations all over the world. The pileups have been massive at times, but generally manageable. 40 meters has been going for many hours straight. Over 1600 QSOs in the log in the first 12 hours. We've made our first upload to Club Log. All are in good spirits as we enjoy this beautiful island paradise.

October 18

The team has all staged here in Tahiti. We had a wonderful day with Philippe (FO4BM) as our guide on the island of Moorea. And tonight had a wonderful dinner with Michel (FO5QB). We arise very early for our 3.5 hour flight to Nuku Hiva and should be on the air by late-afternoon local time tomorrow (Saturday).

October 9

One week to departure! All plans are in place. We have published Frequencies and Operating Plans. Feedback welcome.

August 16

Today we announce our fourth and final operator - Donald Studney (VE7DS). Don is an accomplished DXpeditioner and will complement our CW efforts.

August 1

We're happy to announce the addition of Keith Witney (VE7KW) to the TX7G team. Keith has great experience operating CW on several DXpeditions and record-setting contest operations.

July 18

Our first TX7G Insiders Newsletter has been sent to those who have donated. We're also thrilled to announce sponsorship of our CrankIR antennas by SteppIR.

July 11

Licenses and equipment import authorizations have been received. We're happy to announce several new sponsors - Elecraft, Clipperton DX Club, Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club, Utah DX Association, and Array Solutions.

June 19

Plans for Marquesas are coming together quickly. Airfare and accommodations are in place. Licensing is in process. Our equipment list and weight spreadsheets (we have very strict weight restrictions) are taking form. We're grateful to Mediterraneo DX Club and Nippon DX Association for their generous sponsorships.

June 14

Thank you to DXNews and Tigertronics for their very generous donations and becoming our first confirmed sponsors.