The TX7G team will operate two high power stations - CW, SSB, and RTTY into antennas directly on the beach - 80-10 meters. We will begin the week favoring CW and WARC band SSB, then transition more to 80 meters and RTTY, and will end the week focusing on the SSB contest.

On 80m and 40m we will be looking for Europe at and before their morning grey-line and then work USA stations when the propagation to EU closes. Please help us maintain high QSO rates by LISTENING to our instructions and only calling when instructed to do so.


Except for the contest (Zone 31), all operations will likely be split. We'll be listening Up 1+ on CW and RTTY and Up 5+ on SSB. As always, LISTEN FIRST!

If you have feedback, complaints, or recommendations, DO NOT POST THEM TO THE DX CLUSTER - we will not be monitoring it. Use our contact form instead.

The following is a general plan only and will certainly be adjusted based on propagation conditions, QRM, etc.

Band/Mode 80 m 40 m 30 m 20 m 17 m 15 m 12 m 10 m
CW 3.520 7.018 10.105 14.020 18.075 21.020 24.894 28.018
SSB 3.793 7.085 listening up 100 (7.185) or as instructed ----- 14.185 or 14.275 18.140 21.295 24.955 28.480
RTTY 3.585 or 3.610 7.038 10.142 14.083 18.105 21.083 24.922 28.083

Azimuthal Map

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