Sponsorships are greatly appreciated and will help ensure a more quality operation by directly supporting our significant equipment investment and baggage expenses. We are looking for additional sponsorships from clubs, foundations, amateur radio equipment suppliers, and individuals.

Sponsors will receive premium ad placement on this site, in DXpedition announcements, the TX7G Insiders Newsletters, on QSL cards, and in post-operation presentations.

To sponsor the TX7G Marquesas Islands 2014 DXpedition, contact us here or e-mail Jared at N7SMI@TX7G.com. Individual donors may donate by clicking the "Donate" button to the right.

Thank you to all those who are supporting this operation.

Individual Donors

Eric - KF7CSO, Fred - KK4OW, Paula - KK4OK, Uli - DM5EE, Jan - DO2AT, Robert - K3UL, Richard - N0RB, Jonathan - W6GX, Gary - AG1T, Bob - WR7Q, Gene - K5GS, Thomas - KJ4FUU, Lars - LB2TB, Don - N5LZ, Jeffrey - NT1K, Leon - AE3S, Gianfranco - IV3EYC, John - K0YQ, Wesley - VK6WX, John - K7ALA, Kip - W6SZN, Graydon - N7RXL, Brian - K1EFS, Marsh - KA5M, Robert - KF7EUW, Ross - K6GFJ, George - WF4U, Charles - F6IRE, Michael - W7PIM, Spencer - KE7TAS, Beryl - KE7TRF, Wes - WV7P, Thomas - KR5D, James - KA0IQT, Jarmo - OH1MRR, Italo - IV3ZCS, Ted - AC7II, Jack - KV1E


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